Wilt Clothing wants to make perfect plus-sized tee. By Cassidy Mantor

Wilt Clothing wants to make perfect plus-sized tee

LA based tee shirt company Wilt Clothing wants to expand its tailor-made everyday tee business by creating a perfect plus sized tee.


Founded in 2009 by Roxanne Heptner, a classically trained pattern maker and draper, Wilt’s mission is to “create a line of beautifully shaped, uncomplicated tees.”

Their pieces are all made and dyed in the USA. The brand explains, “Wilt garments are made with a tailor’s attention to detail. Every garment is draped on the body to get fit and fold.”

The plus sized market is a huge segment surprisingly ignored by more brands, with sales reported last year of $17.5 billion. With fit being critical to plus sized clothes, and Wilt billing itself as tailor-made, it will be exciting to see Wilt's version of the perfect plus size tee.

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