The Fashion Spot: How to Rock a Slip Dress Without Looking Like You Rolled Out of Bed (Wilt Featured)


We’re hopping on the bandwagon for more than one reason. For one, slip dresses are ridiculously comfortable. Two, they’re incredibly flattering and wearable on a myriad of occasions. Three, they make us feel like noughties paparazzi bait. Four, in the right length, they flatter any figure, strategically clinging and concealing with natural instinct. Finally, they take all of five seconds to slide over our heads when we need to get dressed, but would really rather not.

It’s in that last bullet point that you’ll find our major sticking point, though. When you wear what are essentially elevated pajamas, it’s important not to appear as if you just rolled out of bed. Styling tricks for avoiding such disasters include pairing with a well-coiffed head of hair with one or more of the following.